Fisherman killed by Mackerel

If you fish in Australian waters you will be well aware of the dangers of killer sharks but you probably wouldn’t expect to be killed by a mackerel. Unfortunately that is exactly what happened to one fisherman. 

The unnamed 56 year old man was fishing off the Northern Territory of Australia in Cullen Bay in August 2020 when a large mackerel flew out of the water and struck him in the chest, causing him to have a cardiac arrest. 

The fishing party managed to make it to shore but the emergency services were unable to resuscitate the man and he sadly passed away at the harbour. 

Fisherman killed by Mackerel
Mackerel fish.

Local fisherman James Crane told ABC: ‘From reports, it was like an 18kg (40lb) mackerel, so it would have been a big fish that speared right into this guy and caused major blunt [force] trauma.’ 

The local police said: 

‘This appears to be a freak incident which is hugely distressing for the people in the boat and other family and friends of the man. Police ask that their privacy be respected and as such will not be providing further comment.’ 

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Source: ExpressDigest

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