Frozen Iguanas Fall from Trees in Florida

Iguanas in Florida, USA have literally been falling out of trees due to the recent unseasonably cold weather. 

Iguanas do not like cold weather. They start becoming sluggish when temperatures drop to 10C (50F), if the temperature drops further to around 4.5C  (40F) then their bodies shutdown and they become catatonic. In this frozen lifeless state they will literally fall out of the trees where they are living. 

A two day spell of icy conditions hit the sunshine state this week and caused iguana-geddon.

Frozen Iguanas Fall from Trees in Florida
Frozen iguanas fallen from trees and collected by local residents.

Iguanas are not native to Florida but they have made the state their home, so when temperatures plummeted,  hundreds of the reptiles were found frozen and stunned in Florida back yards and on pavements. 

When temperatures rise or the reptiles are warmed by the sun the iguanas wake up and return to their normal lives as if nothing has happened. Unless residents haven’t got to them first. 

Frozen Iguanas Fall from Trees in Florida
Frozen Iguanas Fall from Trees in Florida

Iguana meat is prized by the South American community, and can sell for $60 a pound. And iguana cookbooks are selling well as they encourage more locals to make use of the invasive species.

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