The girl who bleeds from her eyes

Teenager Marnie-Rae Harvey from Stoke-on-Trent, England, has a weird medical condition that means she regularly finds herself bleeding from her eyes, and disturbingly no one knows why.

“It burns and then if it covers the pupils of my eye I can’t see,” says Marnie-Ray.

For angst ridden Goths and Emos, bleeding from your eyes might be the ultimate medical condition but for Marnie-Rae she just wants to be a normal teenager.

“People just stare and I can only walk so far without being sick. I was at the hospital the other day and people were trying to take pictures and saying ‘urgh’ about my face and stuff.”

strange but true

The strange mystery medical condition started in March 2013 when the teenager began coughing up blood. Two years later she was rushed to hospital when blood started coming out of her eyes.

“The paramedics were just shocked because they’ve never seen it before. When I got to the hospital they looked in my eye but everything was clear. They can bleed and it can cover my face with blood and in seconds it’s just gone completely back to normal. I had blood tests and they came back fine.”

Marnie-Rae Harvey’s returned home but two weeks later the freaky event happened again.

“I was in the shop and both my eyes and ears started pouring and then we had to have an ambulance again.”

Marine-Rae had multiple tests, and saw more specialists who eventually found she had a “weakened” immune system but nothing more. But ever since, the strange condition has continued and increased. She now bleeds from tongue, ears, nose, gums, scalp, and even her fingernails.

weird medical

The 17 year old has since seen many medical specialists – from blood experts to neurologists – but no one has managed to work out what is going on. They thought it might be Haemolacria – a rare medical condition that can cause tears of blood – but when Marnie-Rae was tested for it the tests came back negative.

Marnie-Rae Harvey says the condition seems to worsen when she is menstruating.  She says her limbs and bones often ache and that she lacks energy and constantly feels light-headed.

Marnie-Rae is undergoing further hospital tests but for the moment the teenager remains a true medical mystery.


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  1. amazing and painful for me to read.

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