Hagfish Slime – World’s Weirdest Fish?

The Atlantic hagfish is quite possibly the world’s weirdest and most disgusting fish because of the huge amounts of mucus it produces.  Watch this video to see what we mean.

Its body is covered with special glands that emit a sticky slime. A single hagfish can produce enough slime at one time to fill a milk jug. A hagfish will actually “sneeze” when its own nostrils fill with slime. Hagfish slime is different that any other natural slime secretion in that it is reinforced with tiny fibers. These fibers make the slime strong and difficult to remove. It is believed that the hagfish uses this slime to protect itself from predators.

The hagfish has a trick for escaping this slime cocoon – it ties itself in a knot and then pass the knot down the length of its body to wipe the slime away.

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  1. SNOT Fish SNOT fish! I love this slimy snot fish!

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