Headless Chicken Video Causes Controversy

A video of a decapitated chicken dancing and flapping its wings round the farmyard while children laugh and giggle is causing quite a  stir on You Tube.

decapitated chicken video

People watching the video fall into two opposing camps. For those who voted the video down this a typical comment

These people are fucked up for laughing at the chicken dying and especially for showing there kids its ok for them to laugh at it like that/

But others are not so upset by it.

I love reading self-righteous crap from people who will later go out for Chicken McNuggets.

a hell of a lot less cruel than what your standard store bought chicken goes through

Althoug the headless chicken looks like its dancing it isn’t really. When a chicken has its head cut off, adrenalin stored in its muscle tissue causes the bird to have convulsions. These make it appear that it is flapping its wings and give it the sensation of wildly running.

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  1. I don’t think any one would be laughing if it was their kid running around and flopping headless in the back yard by jove! People are sick and it rubs off on their kids for sure.

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