Hypnotic Birth of a Bee Video

The Freaky love this video of a bee being born.It takes 21 days for a bee to develop from egg to larvae and this beautiful piece of work condenses those 3 weeks in the life of the baby bee into one hypnotic minute.

The video showing a worker bee emerging fully formed to join the hive was filmed by American photographer Anand Varma in partnership with the bee lab at the University of California. The music is by Rob Moose.

Beyond being strange and wonderful, the video serves a greater purpose – photographer Varma created the video to better understand the plight of bees which are disappearing in alarming numbers.

To do this you need to get up close and personal to see how bees live and reproduce,  so Varma devised this novel way of observing the early stages of bees.

One of the causes of bee deaths is a tiny parasitic vampire mite called Varroa destructor.
These mites feast on baby bees by sucking their blood. This vampiric action weakens the bee, making them more susceptible to disease, which in turn can cause the destruction of whole bee colonies.

If you look closely in the video you can see the mites in the bee larval cells. The varroa mite is now thought t be a key factor in Colony Collapse Disorder that has led to the death of whole bee colonies across North America.
The infection and subsequent parasitic disease caused by Varroa mites is called varroosis.

This video evidence will help scientists fight back against these destructive mites and hopefully help bees better survive.

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