Jazmin Bean: Non-binary Freak

The Freaky love people who deviate from the mainstream and Jazmine Bean definitely falls into that category.

Jazmine Bean is a self-styled “genderless monster” from London. The make-up artist and budding musician, who likes to be referred to as “they” rather than the traditional “she” or “he”,  is gathering a growing fanbase due to their extreme freaky look. 

“When I started out I was playing with different things and different subcultures and styles and looks and managed to just keep on evolving into my own thing,”

Jazmin Bean

In time, Bean would like to remove their breasts but in the meantime uses a binder to flatten them.

Jazmin Bean: Non-binary Freak

“I will probably get [rid of] my chest completely, so it is just flat and there is nothing there. That’s ideal but obviously, surgery is very expensive and also not very risky in this day and age but is just like a big leap.”

Bean hopes others will be inspired by her appearance. 

“My advice to anyone that wants to start dressing like this or sees people and it is like ‘oh I wish I could do that’, find your own thing before anything because obviously, we don’t like copiers. Find your own thing before anything and just evolve that.”

Jazmin Bean
gender neutral musician

Jazmin Bean released their debut EP Saccharine in October 2019.

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