Killer Chicken Slashes Owners Throat

A cockfighting rooster is reported to have attacked its owner Singrai Soren and slit his throat with razor blades the chicken had attached to its legs.

Villagers in Mohanpur, West Bengal, were warned not to approach what police described as ‘an unknown rooster with black and red feathers’. Cockfighting roosters have razor blades attached to their legs before a pair of birds are put in a ring and fire dot fight each other. The razor blades often pave deadly -slashing their opponent.

This particular rooster appears to have taken deadly revenge on its trainer for forcing it back into the ring too soon. They are usually given a break of at least an hour before taking on another opponent.

‘The rooster tried to get away from the ring several times, but Soren pushed it into the ring repeatedly. This upset it and it attacked Soren.” sad the dead mans; friend Dasai. ‘Most masters are satisfied with the cash reward of £28 for every fight and a dead opponent to feast on,’ Dasai added.‘But Soren wanted the rooster to go to the ring within a few minutes of its first fight and that is when it got upset.’

Officers want to find the killer bird and remove its razor blades before it kills again. But they believe their chances are slim. They think the rooster – which has won four fights – is being kept by a rival trainer keen to put it back in the ring


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2 Replies to “Killer Chicken Slashes Owners Throat”

  1. Ojos Atractivas says:

    This is some funny shxt.. lol & good for that fool! He’s the DUMBASS for pushing it back in the ring REPEATLY!
    –> Killer Rooster purge his owner with a razor blade… Jajaja

  2. I once saw cockfightiing in Bali and am suprised this doesn’t happen more often. Chickens with deadly blades strapped to their legs were running / flying around everywhere.

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