“Lion” dog with mane causes panic in town

A lion on the loose caused panic and confusion in an American town this week until it was discovered that the lion was in fact a pet dog.

dog with mane

“There was a lion that ran across the street. A baby lion.” Said one panicked caller to the police after seeing the animal roaming the streets of Norfolk in Virgina.  Another 911 call said “I just saw an animal that looked like a small lion. It had the mane and everything,”

Police checked that no lions had escaped from Virginia Zoo before discovering that the lion was in fact a labradoodle, called Charles the Monarch. Its owner, local businessman Daniel Painter, had radically groomed the dog so that it appears to have a “mane’.

dog with lion mane

Painter says its not the first time the dog has been mistaken for a lion. He said he’s taken him for a walk in a park near the zoo and seen people run to their cars in shock.

dog lion

More bizarre dog grooming.

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