Live worm removed from woman’s brain (Freaky Video)

Watch shocking footage of a live, wriggling, 15cm worm being removed by surgeons from a woman’s brain. 

The freaky video was recorded by surgeons at Gulou Hospital of Nanjing University, China. 

The woman, Xia YI was admitted to the hospital after complaining of severe headaches. When a test for parasitic worms proved positive doctors decided to operate. 

‘During the operation, we found a creeping, long bug …It was white and live, like a noodle,’

Dr Dai Wei, a chief medic, Gulou Hospital of Nanjing University

The doctor said that worms in the brain is normally caused by a person eating animal meat that has not been cooked properly.

“[The worms] normally come from raw meat, mostly seafood, which contains a lot of parasites,’ said the doctor. ‘Sometimes the worms get into a person’s brain through the blood and develop there.’

The woman did admit she had eaten a plate of frogs a few years earlier. 

She was lucky, she has since made a full recovery. 

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