Man Changes Lightbulb on Seriously Tall Tower

Kevin Schmidt has one of the freakiest jobs in the world. He changes lightbulbs on 1500 feet towers. Schmidt who hails from Rapid City USA, is a project manager at Sioux Falls Tower and Communications and when the bulbs at the top of an almost mile high TV mast need changing, it is Schmidt who straps on his abseiling kit and starts climbing.

Man Changes Lightbulb on Seriously Tall Tower

In the past 8 years, Schmidt has climbed hundreds of radio masts and television towers all across the United Sates. He climbs thought out the year in all the seasons, battling heat, cold and strong winds of up to 60 miles per hour. It’s a pretty crazy job.

“Some of my friends can’t believe I do it. They get scared on top of their house.”

HIs company find it hard to recruit people willing to take on tej vertigo inducing jobs but Schmidt loves what he does.

It can be difficult for companies such as Sioux Falls Tower to find willing climbers, Thorin and Schmidt said, but Schmidt would recommend the work to anyone who isn’t afraid of heights.

“You can’t beat the view, and there’s no greater sense of peacefulness than to be 1,500 feet in the air by yourself …Every time I climb a tower, I take a selfie and send it to my wife, Alla.”

To see Schmidt in action watch this stunning video shot of him climbing a 1,500-foot antenna near Salem.

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