Man dies from lack of sleep

A Chinese football fan has died after going without sleep for 11 nights.

26 year old Jiang Xiaoshan, was watching every match of Euro 2012 but because of time differences he was staying up and viewing them in the middle of the night. He then would got to work.

Following the Ireland versus Italy match, reports say he went back to his Changsha home at 5am on Tuesday, had a shower, fell asleep and never woke up.
Friends said the news of his death came as a shock, as he lived a ‘relatively healthy life’, and had played football for his university team just a couple of years before.

Man dies from lack of sleep
The man dies after watching this game between Italy and Republic of Ireland at Euro 2012

Reports say that as well as going without sleep his constant drinking and smoking while watching the matches fatally weakened his immune system.
It is believed he died form exhaustion.

People think that sleep can’t kill. That sleep is a luxury not a necessity but this shocking tale proves that sleep is essential to a well being. Laboratory tests on rats have shown that they die after 10 days.

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