Man dressed in bra takes bath with potatos in Travelodge after 5 day drug binge

In proof that life is far weirder than fantasy, a British man was caught filling his hotel bathtub with potatoes while dressed as a woman, a court heard.

Police were called to the Travelodge at Eastleigh, Hampshire after reports of a strong smell of cannabis and the strange behavior of a man carrying a bag of potatoes.

Man dressed in bra takes bath with potatos in Travelodge after 5 day drug binge
The Travelodge at Eastleigh, Hampshire, England. Scene of the bizarre potato bath incident.

Inside the hotel the police discovered an intoxicated James Johnson dressed in womens clothes with a bath full of potatos. A number of drugs were also found at the scene including 5-MAPB ( a drug similar to MDMA)  and psychedelic substance 2CB.

Southampton Crown Court heard that Johnson had come back to his hometown of Eastleigh to pay with old friends but the night out had turned into a 5 day drugs bender. When the Judge Peter Henry questioned Johnson about his strange behavior his explanation was that “It felt like the right thing to do at the time.”

His defence lawyer explained that Johnson was on prescribed drugs but had stopped taking them when he binged on the illegal drugs. He described him as an “intelligent man who made a mistake”.

The Judge said the case was “odd and bizarre” and sentenced Johnson to an 18 month community order as well as requiring him to attend a drug rehabilitation programme.

Source: Daily Mirror

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