Man escapes jail by claiming assault was caused by a poltergeist

An Irish man,  Shane Gibbons, accused of assaulting his girlfriend has avoided prison because the judge believed his claim that the attacks were carried out by demonic possession.  

Shane Gibbons’ ex-girlfriend, who’s identity remains undisclosed, claimed that in August 2019 she had been attacked in the home she shared with Gibbons in Ogonnelloe, Clare County, Republic of Ireland. She said she had been pinned to the bed and her body violently shaked. She reported the incident to the Irish police the same night and photographs show the woman had extensive bruising to her neck, thighs and wrists. 

But when confronted, Shane Gibbons claimed he didn’t assault his girlfriend and the injuries were in fact due to “demonic possession”. He said in the past he had witnessed so much poltergeist activity that he arranged for exorcisms to be performed on her. 

Gibbons told police that he had been witnessing poltergeist activity for over 3 years. Lights would turn on and off in their house, items would fly off walls, and his ex would go into a trance state, speak Latin and experience horrific bruising and scratch marks.

In desperation, Mr Gibbons says he consulted Jane Donnelly, a healer from Kerry, who helped exorcise her.

“She was just completely like catatonic, like out of it completely and shaking and he had to hold her to bring her in. She was possessed by this evil spirit, which I was able to remove from her. I remember it so well because I’d never encountered that level of possession….I’ve seen demons and different things, but that level of possession I have only seen in the movies to be honest. I was able to help her and I was able to remove it and she went home and was good for a good number of months before it came at her again.”

Jane Donnell, healer.

In court, Mr Gibbons’ solicitor read out a text sent by Gibbon’s ex which said ‘I am so glad. I knew I needed the exorcism.’ 
But when cross-examined in court the woman denied that what Jane Donnelly conducted was an exorcism.

Mr Gibbons ciaims that on the drive home from the healer a dark spirit spoke to him. 

“I hide in the shadows,” is what he said to me on the way back. He was extremely annoyed at me. He basically said I’m still here and can hide in the shadows and it got a lot worse from then on.’ 

In  desperation Mr Gibbons and his ex travelled to the United Sates to seek specialist help. 

‘There is a place in Michigan that is well funded and set up, with doctors and nurses. As soon as they saw her they knew immediately what was happening. They don’t want to talk about this either, they are very secretive and they won’t be impressed to see my name in the paper talking about them.”

Shane Gibbons

This weird news story sounds too strange to be true but a priest also backs up Shane Gibbons’ claims. 

‘He’s certainly telling you the truth and I’ll verify all of that…I met them and I’ll verify everything. He’s not telling you [a lie].’ says Parish priest Father Donagh O’Meara 

Man escapes jail by claiming assault was caused by a poltergeist
Parish priest Father Donagh O’Meara 

Judge Patrick Durcan at Killaloe District Court also believed him and dismissed the charge. The judge said in his summing up: “His version of events concerning the occult, exorcisms and devilish possession should have been explored more by the State.”

Mr Gibbons has been understandably traumatised by the experience 

‘One thing I did learn from all this is that good and evil definitely exist.
If I never saw any of this again I’d be absolutely delighted. It is not something you invite upon yourself, it is not something I wanted to deal with or ever expected to deal with. ….
I’m a very practical guy, I would have kept this private. The only reason this has come to light is because of the court case…I’m sure lots of people will come up with their scientific explanation and mental health issues, and I actually think that both can exist at the same time, but there are far too many things that happened to her and to me that would account for her under something like her being psychologically traumatised or something…..I would have been that way of thinking myself but just too much happened, too many bizarre things happened.’ 

Shane Gibbons

Source: Irish Times

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