Man pulls poisonous snakes through nose

Man pulls poisonous snakes through nose

Liu Fei, from east China’s Jiangxi Province, has found a bizarre way to make his living – he pulls snakes through his nose. Fei has been performing the death-defying act for the past 30 years.

Sometimes, when he feels like it, the 53-year-old will even use two 3ft snakes instead of one.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing for the snake swallower though – Fei has had several close calls with his wriggly friends, the most serious being when he swallowed one accidentally.

Luckily for him, the serpent died in his stomach before it could cause any damage.

Watch him do his amazing snake act

3 Replies to “Man pulls poisonous snakes through nose”

  1. wow playing with poisonous snakes its really interesting video which I have never seen yet…thanks a lot for sharing this video …you are great…

  2. Wow! Holy mythical Moses! Pulling innocent snakes through your sinus cavities is one thing, but to pull “poisonous snakes” through your nose and mouth, is another. I’m surprised that this guy is still alive. Dang, talk about some freaky, bizarre ways to make money! I’m liking my offline job more and more, just by thinking about some of these freakin’ freaks that are willing to monetize their self for a freakish source of income while risking their own life in the process… Yikes!

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