Man sucks in belly and almost dies

A vain man sucked in his belly on a plane to impress a woman and almost died.

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The unnamed middle-aged Chinese businessman, lets call him Mr BIgBelly, was sitting in the window seat on a plane when a beautiful woman sat next to him.

Mr BIgBelly was at first thrilled but then, feeling body conscious and vain, sucked in his belly and sat up straight.

He sat like this for the entire flight from Fuzhou on the east coast of China, to Harbin in the far north. He refused all drinks and didn’t visit the toilet for fear of his gut spilling down and upsetting the lady.

Five hours later, the plane landed. He was delighted that his blubber gut belly had remained hidden. The woman stood up to leave, but when Mr BIgBelly tried to follow. He couldn’t. He was stuck.

He had been struck by deep-vein thrombosis, a rare ailment that only hits people who sit absolutely still for hours in a dehydrated state.

Doctors eventually rescued him, the China Economic News reported, but warned that he could have died. They said the guy wasn’t even particularly fat. Just male. And vain.

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