eel man surgery

This strange but true story came to light when a Chinese man went to hospital complaining of severe stomach cramps.

At first the man did not admit his bizarre behaviour but when he was rushed into emergency surgery and a 20 inch thick live eel was removed from his stomach he had to come clean. 

The man admitted he had put the eel up his bum after friends had told him it was a traditional folk remedy for constipation.

Dr Zhao Zhirong removing the eel during surgery at Guangzhou Dongren Hospital

Dr Zhao Zhirong who performed the surgery at Guangzhou Dongren Hospital said,

“We opened up his stomach and saw the eel amongst his faeces and food debris.” The doctor said the eel had broken through the man’s intestines and caused “a mess” in the man’s stomach “almost killing him”. The doctor added that at first the man had claimed the eel had swum up his anus of its own accord. “But he later admitted that he put it there himself while following a folk remedy for bowel obstruction.”

The eel that had been living in the man’s stomach

The 49 year old man, who has been identified only by the surname Liu, suffered a punctured pancreas caused by the eel living in his stomach but has since recovered. 

The Freaky wishes to point out that there is medical evidence to suggest inserting a live eel in your bum will cure constipation. 

Source: The Sun 


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