Paralysed man has thumb orgasms

A paralysed man says he has learnt to orgasm when a woman massages his thumb.

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43 year old Californian Rafe Biggs was left in a wheelchair after he fell from a roof and broke his neck. He lost all sensations in his body below his waist and feared that he would never be able to have sex again. But incredibly one year after the accident he had an orgasm when his girlfriend caressed and sucked his thumb.

“I felt this build-up of energies and felt I was getting closer and closer to orgasm.
When I did it – it was amazing. I never thought it would be possible, but massaging and sucking on my thumb, feels a lot like my penis used to feel – it’s really hot,” he says.

Biggs now calls his thumb his “surrogate penis”.

Lisa Skye Carl a sex therapist says of Rafe’s amazing thumb orgasm:

“What Rafe is experiencing is a ‘transfer orgasm’ – where another place on the body gives the same sensation”

Brain specialists know that brain and nerve cells can regenerate and form new connections after injury. While dead areas of brain can’t grow back, other parts can take over. That’s how some recover from a stroke.
Practice is key, as is being positive.

Rafe’s rediscovery of the joy of sex will encourage everyone who has a nervous system disability and give hope to millions of disabled people.

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