Pubic Hair Grows on Woman’s Finger After Operation

A Texas woman has revealed on TikTok that pubic hair grows from her finger tip. She says the freaky growth is a result of a childhood operation. 

Mackenzie Brown, from Houston, USA, shut her hand in a door as a 2-year-old child, damaging her finger so badly that doctors had to take some skin from her bikini area and graft it onto her fingertip.

Brown’s finger was repaired but what doctors didn’t prepare er for was the discovery that years later that grafted skin would sprout pubic hairs. 

Pubic Hair Grows on Woman’s Finger After Operation
Mackenzie Brown’s finger with pubic hair sprouting.

Brown, who revealed all in a Tik Tok video said the operation happened when she was 2 but that she didn’t discover the bizarre side effect of the surgery until she reached puberty. When she discovered pubic hair was growing on her fingertip she was shocked and earned the nickname “Coochie finger” at school.   

“When I was two years old, my mom slammed a door shut on my finger and it ripped off the top piece of my finger. This was back in the 90s and I got a skin graft. [But] instead of taking the skin from the back of my leg or a piece under my arm or something – they didn’t want the scar to grow as I grew – they took it from my groin area, my bikini line.”

Mackenzie Brown

While this appears very strange apparently it is not that weird to graft skin from the genital area. According to medics, the skin near the bikini line is particularly malleable, and so as the patient grows the new skin won’t restrict  the patient’s range of movement. 

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