Python wedding

Python wedding

Two pythons have just got married in Cambodia.

Hundreds of guests cheered for the fang-tastic ceremony believed to bring peace and good luck to villagers.

The two-hour event in Svay Rolum, south Cambodia, ended with the 4.8m (16ft) ‘bridezilla’ and the smaller male – both believed to be magical – being blessed by two Buddhist monks.

‘We married these pythons to ask for health and prosperity in our village,’ said Chamrouen’s owner, 41-year-old Neth Vy.

‘We were told [by fortune tellers] that the two pythons are husband and wife and they need to live together and, if we don’t marry them, we will meet bad luck.’

Python wedding

Many Cambodians subscribe to animism – the belief that spirits can inhabit all kinds of living creatures and inanimate objects.


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