Real-life Ken Doll

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Justin Jedlica has spent over $100,000 to transform himself into a real life Ken doll.

32 year old Justin has had almost 90 cosmetic surgery procedures, including five rhinoplasties,and augmentations to his cheeks, lips, buttocks and chin, to make him look like the doll.

Jedlica says his weird habit started when he was 18 years old, when he had a nose job.

It was really something that set me apart and validated me, and I felt so euphoric.

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Justin, who also has pec implants and biceps made entirely of silicone, says of his cosmetic surgery addiction.

I’ve always been into plastic surgery because it’s an extension of me being creative. I can treat myself as if I were my own sculpture, my own artwork.

There’s always the potential for something to go wrong, but those risks are pretty nominal, I’m willing to accept these risks but I don’t think anything worthwhile in life comes without taking risks.

It’s like asking Picasso not to paint!

Bizarrely, although he looks like Barbie’s boyfriend Ken, Justin has no interest in dating a real life Barbie.

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  1. VegasDude says:

    He just looks like he has a frozen botox face… both him, and the other human Ken doll.. look Nothing like Ken… IMHO…

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