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Shocking video from a kite festival in Taiwan shows a three-year old girl getting tangled in a kite and lifted high above the ground. 

The video shot last Sunday (August 30th 2020) shows kite enthusiasts struggling to get a large orange kite airborne. They cheer when it takes off but their cheers soon turned to horror when they realised a little girl had got caught in the kite’s tail.

The girl reached a height of 100ft and was thrown around for almost a minue before she grabbed and brough back down t earth. 

Remarkably, the girl was not seriously hurt . According to  Taiwan News, the poor girl – who is identified by the surname Lin — was shocked but only suffered mild scratches to her face and neck. 

The 2020 International Kite Festival at Hsinchu’s Nanliao Harbor, was immediately shut down following the accident. 

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