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Dressing up Sphynx cats in latex and fetish S&M clothes, and giving them tattoos is the latest fad of pet owners.


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Most of these featured Sphynx cat photos involve fake tattoos, the kind that are applied with water and light pressure. But in Russia the fad is to permanently tattoo the cats.

Sphynx cats, also known as the pedigree Canadian Hairless cat, appear to be hairless, but in fact they have very fine, short hair that feels like peach fuzz. Their skin is the color that their furry coat would have been, if they had a pelt. Because a cat without hair loses heat a lot quicker than a cat with hair, hairless cats are essentially a genetic fault. So, Sphinx cats or Sphynx cat only came into existence in the 1960s after a period of intense cross-breeding.


sphinx cat tattoo

Sticking a fake tattoo on a cat and/or dressing them in latex fetish gear is one thing but permanently inking a Sphynx cat or giving them piercings is totally different and not surprisingly animal activists do not approve.

“People in Russia mostly buy animals for selfish reasons and anything that happens to them afterwards is a consequence of that,” says Moscow Animal Rights activist Irina Novozhilova. A RSPCA spokesperson agreed, “We are totally against using animals for purely cosmetic reasons just on the owner’s whim.”

Permanently tattooing a cat will leave their skin open to infection. Sphinx cats will experience the same pain and soreness that a person would feel after having tattoo.

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  1. Shawn Devita says:

    If u put the cat under i dont see anything wrong with it your pets resemble who u are and your pet should be greatful to have such a cool owner

  2. Marissa Cortese says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog, you have lots of great content. I look forward to reading more freaky posts.


  4. Nice post.Most of these featured Sphynx cat photos involve fake tattoos, the kind that are applied with water and light pressure.please raed this……………..

  5. Get real people they are stencils. SHEESH!!! No sense of humor…

  6. rebecca staal says:

    wtf! animal abusing assholes!!!!!!

  7. Hey esto es un gran poste. ¿Puedo utilizar una porción en ella en mi sitio? Por supuesto ligaría a su sitio así que la gente podría leer el artículo completo si ella quiso a. Agradece cualquier manera.

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