Snoop Dogg & the Giant Vegetable

This is one of the strangest and funniest true stories we have heard in a long time.
Rapper Snoop Dogg made friends with a 71 year old farmer from Wales after Snoop read about the farmer’s prize winning huge vegetables.

Ian Neale, from Newport Wales is a vegetable world record holder. When the rapper read that Neale had grown a 38kg (six stone) Giant swede, Dogg made a video appeal to the farmer to get in contact so they could arrange a meet.

Dogg’s reason for want to meet up? “…because i do vegetation myself” – a veiled comment on the rapper’s love of marijuana.

The farmer responded and was invited backstage when Dogg played a gig in Cardiff, Wales. The unlikely pair discussed growing tips, as well as sharing something else …as Neale explains in an hilarious news interview.



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