Space GIF-iti

A street artist has created an incredible GIF that can be seen from space.

GIF art

UK graffiti artist INSA specializes in creating epic GIF’s by combining graffiti and GIF’s in a process he likes to call “GIF-iti”.

But he’s now taken his stunning art to a whole new level with the use of a satellite orbiting the earth.

INSA creates his art by painting a gigantic mural, photographing it, altering it then photographing again until it can be made into a loopable clip, or GIF (Graphic Interchange Format).

For his latest work he worked with a team of 20 painters to paint over 4 days a series of murals on some wasteland in Rio de Janeiro big enough to be seen and photographed by a satellite 430 miles above the Earth.

Each day they repainted the mural and got the satellite to take a new photo. These were then animated into this incredible GIF.

“I was approached by Ballantine’s who asked if I had any crazy ideas for pushing my work to another level,” INSA told Mashable in an interview. “I said I want to paint something big enough to be seen from space and to animate it.”

“It seemed a shame the level of work that was going into something that was only going to be seen as a small image online,” said INSA, “but then I just thought why not make the Internet, and those few images, the best way to view my work – even make it the only platform for seeing the final work…GIFs are the ultimate internet fodder.”

Watch the video below to see how INSA did it.

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