Strange Weather

If you’ve ever been caught in a dust storm you’ll know how scary it can be and how it can feel like you are going to choke to death. So you might be surprised to learn that we wouldn’t have enough oxygen on the planet to breathe if it wasn’t for Saharan dust storms. Every […]

These freaky ice eggs were found on a beach in Finland. The spectacular frozen balls range in size from as small as an egg to as large as a basketball.  They were discovered by Finnish amateur photographer Risto Mattila who took the photo at the Marjaniemi beach on Hailuoto Island, Finland. According to scientists a […]

An amateur Swiss photographer has captured extraordinary footage of a cloud emptying its contents in one huge short burst. The incredible video shit at Lake Millsat in Austria shows rain in a whole new way.

The strange story of the fish rain of London. An original The Freaky investigation. “I’ve been in this house for 71 years – nothing’s ever happened before, nothing like that…” recalls Londoner Ellen Langton. It was a rainy night in London,  Ellen Langton & her husband were indoors relaxing in front of the TV. Suddenly, a […]

Thousands of snowballs have washed up on a Siberian beach, startling the locals. The snowballs, ranging in size from tennis balls to footballs emerged overnight on an 11 mile stretch of beach along the Gulf of Ob, Siberia, freaking out the residents. “We have them only in one place. It’s as if someone spilled them. […]

Strange things that happen when the weather gets really cold. The record breaking cold snap that has hit the USA has led to sharks becoming frozen and dying form cardiac arrest. Four thresher sharks killed by “cold shock” have been found by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy washed up on beaches in Cape Cod. After finding […]

There’s usually a rational explanation for even the strangest things that fall from the sky – but when a strange jelly like substance began raining on one small Washington town everyone was left scratching their heads. Twenty years on, it is still a mystery.   Oakville, 8 streets, a few hundred residents and like many […]

The bizarre night in Beebe Arkansas when thousands of birds fell from the sky. Beebe, Arkansas: Human Population: 7,400  Black Bird population: 1,000,000 For as long as anyone can remember, there’s been nothing strange about that, the birds like nesting in their trees, but on New Years Eve 2010 the birds started raining down on […]

These incredible and bizarre photos and video show a huge dust storm off the coast of Australia.   This freak weather storm was captured near the town of Onslow in north-western Australia. It is believed the dust was whipped up by winds in the dry hot Australian deserts before heading out over the Indian Ocean This […]