Swan falls in love with helicopter

swan falls in love with helicopetr

A potential air disaster has been avoided after a swan fell in love with a helicopter.

Whooper the swan, who lives on the UK island of Jersey, took a shine to one of the island’s helicopters. Every time it took off Whopper would fly next to it, and when it landed he would would nestle against the undercarriage.  Airport staff said he only had eyes for the EC155 Europcopter and would leave other helicopters and airplanes alone.

A EC155 Europcopter similar to the one that the swan fell in love with. Its a great looking copter!
A EC155 Europcopter similar to the one that the swan fell in love with. Its a great looking copter!

According to its owners, Whopper’s bizarre obsessive love began after his partner died a couple of years ago. Swans normally mate for life.

Fearing that soon Whooper’s copter crush would end in disaster with a mid air collision between bird and helicopter, the aiport arranged for the swan to have its wings clipped.

A Jersey Airport spokesman told The Times:

“It seems that the swan fell in love with the helicopter. It did create a potential hazard and so its wings were clipped. There have been no repeat incidents since.”

Danielle Le Brun, who works at Les Mielles Golf and Country Club, where Whooper lives says:

“He seems very happy but I would like to find him a female white swan – but this is Jersey and there aren’t many around. If anyone can help me find him a mate that would be brilliant. It would also stop him flying around the airport when his feathers grow back.”

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