sex lives of animals

Annual suicidal sex frenzy of Australian marsupial could lead to their extinction. In remote Tasmania, scientists have recently discovered 2 new species of marsupial antechinus which might not be around much longer due to their crazed mating ritual, leading scientists to apply to place them on the threatened species list. The Tasman Peninsula Dusky Antechinus […]

Sawfish are using virgin births as a survival strategy to try and prevent extinction, scientists have discovered.   Sawfish off the coast of Florida have been found to be giving birth without mating with males. This virgin-birth phenomenon goes by the name of parthenogenesis. It has been recorded in many invertebrates and even in birds […]

  Two randy pandas have set a new record for the length of time they made love.   Pandas are not known for the longevity in the sack – the average time of panda sex is just 80 seconds. But a breeding pair at China’s Giant Panda Research and Protection Center, smashed that record with their […]

The male octopus literally rips off its arm and gives it to the female so that she can fertilise her eggs at a later date. It’s the ultimate “go f**k yourself”!   In the world of octopi sex is a very weird thing. A male octopus has a special sex arm called a hectocotylus. This […]

This isn’t a freak deformed snake, this is normal. Believe it or not, all snakes are blessed not with one penis, but with two! Although they only use one of them when having sex. And no they can’t have sex with two snakes at once. Collectively, the scientific name for the two penises is hemipenes, […]

  Some animals are born more equal than others. The tapir has one of the longest penis to body size ratios of any animal. When erect it is often longer than 45 cm! For more shocking animal facts visit The Sex Lives of Animals

This is the Argentinian Blue-bill duck, a cute but unremarkable looking duck but below the water it holds an incredible secret – it has a massive penis! The duck has an average penis length of 8 inches (20cm) – that is longer than a human whose average penis size is 6 inches. And the longest […]