The anorexic mother who weighs less than her 7 year old daughter

The anorexic mother who weighs less than her 7 year old daughter

At first glance they might be  sisters, but look again at this  startling picture. They are, in fact, a 26-year-old mother and her daughter.

After suffering from anorexia for half her life, Rebecca Jones weighs five stone – less than her seven-year-old daughter, Maisy.

The medical secretary survives on soup, toast and energy drinks – even though doctors have warned her the lack of nutrients could kill her. At the same time she encourages 5st 9lb Maisy to enjoy chocolate and cupcakes.

Miss Jones, who at 5ft 1in is eight inches taller than her daughter, said: ‘Wearing the same clothes as Maisy gives me a sense of pride. It’s wrong, but it makes me feel good. I don’t think I’m thin – I always see myself as bigger.’

Her eating disorder began following her parents’ divorce when she was 11.

Comfort eating caused her to balloon to 15st, and she was teased at school and lost confidence in herself.

At 13, she says, ‘I pretty much stopped eating’ she tells CLoser magazine. After a drastic weight loss, friends began complimenting her size ten figure and her family did not spot the dangers.

Doctors have warned her she is at risk of a fatal heart attack if she does not put on weight.

‘I’m terrified I won’t see Maisy grow up,’ she said. ‘I’d love to eat – I can think of nothing nicer than going out for lunch with Maisy, but I can’t.’

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