The Boy with Gigantic Hands

Meet Kaleem an Indian boy who, due to a strange medical condition, has the world’s largest hands.

The Boy with Gigantic Hands

Some people choose to make themselves different through surgery such as the Ukrainian lady with the world’s biggest cheekbones, but Haseem didn’t choose to look like this he was born this way. Even as a baby his hands were twice the size of an average baby’s hands. Now Kaleem’s hands are 13 inches long.

As Kaleem grew older his hands increased in size and his ability to perform even simple tasks became more difficult. As if that wasn’t enough he has also been bullied for looking different. His fellow villagers call him a “devils child” and believe his large hands are a sign that he has been cursed by evil spirits asa result of hsi parnnets ding some misdeed in their lives. Rather than trying to integrate him into the village he has been banished from school because teachers say his hands scare the other children.

The Boy with Gigantic Hands
Kaleem with his father.

Kaleem’s family are very poor and have been unable to afford to see a doctor to investigate Kaleem’s condition which is believed to be a form of gigantism.

UPDATE: Due to media exposure Kaleem has now received funding ti improve his medical condition and has been undergoing surgery at Coimbatore Hospital.

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