The Fish That Eat Pigeons

Yes you read that headline right – there are some fish that have evolved to eat birds! If you don’t believe us watch the video below.

In the town of Albi in the south west region of France, catfish have taught themselves to catch pigeons that come down to the River Tarn to drink and bathe.

The cunning European catfish which can measure up to 1.5 meters in length have learnt to leap out of the water to grab a nearby pigeon. The fish which are the largest freshwater fish in Europe can swallow the bird in a matter of seconds.

This strange behaviour was only discovered this century. Local fisherman reported such attacks, leading to Julien Cucherousset from Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse investigating the strange reports.

Over the summer of 2011 he recorded 54 catfish attacks on pigeons. Over a quarter of the fish attacks were successful, leading Cucherousset to describe the catfish as “freshwater killer whales”.

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