The Freaky – Home of the Weird

The Freaky - Home of the Weird
A strange deep sea fish known as a Blobfish

The Freaky celebrates the odd, the strange and the different, with a constantly updated collection of weird news stories. 

We are a website dedicated to the bizarre, the odd, and the strange. We are committed to publishing the strangest most bizarre news stories and photos our wonderful weird world can throw up.

The Freaky features bizarre medical stories such as the woman who grows nails instead of hair or the  boy with a fish found living in his lung. It has freaky stories about weird buildings and amazing and weird scientific achievements.  It features stranger than fiction tales of freaky real life incidents and and tries to answer strange questions like Can You Transplant a Soul?

The Freaky loves weird odd and strange real life stories. We believe that the world is richer because of them. We love bizarre freaky animals such as purple crabs. And we love weird and strange places and architecture such as the Ohio Basket Building.

The Freaky has conducted special investigations on the strange secret world of Electric Shock Treatments. We have witnessed some of humanity’s strangest festivals and practices, such as the Ma’nene in Indonesia where families dig up their dead relatives once a year and take selfies with the mummified remains.

We report weird news stories such as Bright Blues Dogs Discovered in Russia.  We collect the worlds strangest death news stories such as the Man Killed By A Cactus

The Freaky celebrate those people who have been born different such as the British woman who was born with two vaginas, and those who have chosen to modify their bodies to become different, such as Anastasia Pokreschuck a Ukranian model who has the world’s biggest cheeks

The Freaky like our stories weird, true and freaky. And however strange the stories we publish seem to be, we strive to check their factual accuracy. We are not in the business of promoting fake news, so please contact us if you have reason to doubt the accuracy of any of our stories.

Please enjoy the world of The Freaky.

Maximilian Strange – Editor in Chief
(editor-at-thefreaky-dot-net )

Twitter: @TheFreakynews
Google +: The Freaky

Contributors:  We are always looking for contributors. So if you think you have a strange but true story, or piece of odd news, feel free to contact the editor (e mail address above).


The Freaky was founded in 2008 by Maximillian Strange (this might not be his real name). Maximillian has always been drawn to the strange oddities of life. As a child he was fascinated by stories of Yetis and UFOs. He loved to read Chariots of The Gods and Ridley’s Believe It Or Not! He was drawn to movies about real life freaks like The Elephant Man and the 1932 Tod Browning movie Freaks, which celebrated those who are born different. He was bitterly disappointed when he watched Freaky Friday and discovered it didn’t feature any freaks at all.

He understood why we are fascinated by those considered “freaks’ by society, such as X and Y but to him they are not to be scared of or mocked d but celebrated as examples of the wondrous differences of life.

He became fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. He read of strange planets and the possibility of life elsewhere; aliens and UFOs.

Reading National Geographic he learnt of strange alien worlds on his own planet; seering hot desserts, icy underwater kingdoms, jungles full of strange exotic creature that looked nothing like the animals that lived in his garden. His subscription to the magazine also opened to his eyes to exotic cultures, tribal practices, and to him at least strange ways of living that were very different to his own Western lifestyle.

Reading news stories he was less interested in the days main events but instead was drawn to the quirky weird news stories which often featured strange deaths, darkly comic bungled crime or simply funny animals and odd things caught on camera. Reading these stories, brought home to Maximilian the absurdity of life.

Many years later Maximillian Strange decided to start compiling all these strange weird and wonderful obsessions. And so The Freaky was born.

The Freaky is the spiritual home of the strange, peculiar and freakish. A celebration of the strange wondrousness of life.

Here are some of his favourite articles from The Freaky so far.

The Human Kebabs. In Malaysia every year men and women skewer themselves with sticks, spears and hooks. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the Thaipusam Festival. A place of extreme religious piercings.

Human Heart Beating A freaky video of a human heart beating outside of the body. A video that captures the complexity and fragility of life.

Jazmin Bean. A beautiful and brave woman who isn’t frightened to deviate from the mainstream.

The Thousand Hand Dance. A stunning piece of choreography. Not everything in The Freaky has to be super weird sometimes its enough to just to be mesmerising.

The Xmas Onesie Burglar. A great example of daft crime. A weird news classic and a reminder of the joyous stupidity of humans.

Catman of Cannock. A fascinating article on one man who has chosen to live in a very unique way; prowling Scottish streets eating rats.

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