The Great Pig Escape

A pig on its way to the slaughterhouse dodged death by leaping from a moving truck  and the whole freaky escape was captured on camera by a motorist.

The sow, made its great escape in the Guangxi region of South China.

Witnesses saw the pig climb over the back of other pigs before leaping out of the truck, that was transporting them to the slaughterhouse, and into moving traffic.

Incredibly despite falling 16 feet the pig survived.

pig bizarre photo


pig escape

The brave pig  has now been adopted by the local police who have nicknamed it Babe after the Hollywood film.

‘She was safe and sound after her leap,’ said a police spokesman, ‘but found herself lost in the big city.

‘If we hadn’t have got to her he would have undoubtedly found himself at the end of a blade wielded by a local who would have enjoyed pork for days to come.’

‘She saw one chance of freedom by clambering on the backs of the other pigs and took it.

‘She deserves her chance of life and she has got it. She will never be eaten here.’

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