The incredible Mr Elastic

The incredible Mr Elastic

Moses Lanham can rotating his legs further than anyone else in the world. The 49-year-old from Michigan, says he first discovered his hyper flexibility in a PE class at school when he fell over and because of the position of his legs people assumed he was injured. But he was fine and simply jumped back up… and then started showing off his new-found flexibility to anyone who would watch.

Mr Elastic says he has “total flexability” in his lower limbs, but that his upper body is limited by more normal movement, which is probably a good thing… otherwise he could forget which way he is mean to face.

The incredible Mr Elastic

“When I meet new people, they are either so amazed they ask me over and over “Do it again!”, or they either can not stomach it, and turn away as they ask me to “put your feet back, its making me sick”. One of his special tricks involves putting his clothes on backwards so that it appears its his head is twisted around and not his feet. “I have had one person, so far, throw up when I had showed them,” he added.

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  1. Amazing, i have never such a pic. I thought that it was done by photoshop or else but after reading your post i know the truth.Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

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