The Lady Who Lives in a Glass Box

A Spanish woman suffering from a strange and rare medical condition has spent over 13 years living inside a 25 meter glass box, unable to hug her husband or her children.

53 year old Juana Munoz from Cadiz, Spain Juana is suffering from a combination of rare medical conditions that include: chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivity, electro-sensitivity, and fibromyalgia.

By encasing herself in her glass prison, Juana can stabilize her condition, which she believes is made worse by man-made chemicals in the air. Juana says anytime she comes into contact with certain chemicals she suffers a severe allergic reaction, that leads to vomiting, fatigue and asphyxia. So to prevent this, she has chosen to confine herself to her sterile glass cage, lovingly cared for by her husband Manuel.

According to Juana, she started feeling sick 29 years ago when she came in contact with an anti-germinating agent on some potatoes being grown by her husband Manuel. Soon after, her eyes started itching and her tongue became swollen. Juanita’s physical condition continued to get worse, and she eventually found herself in hospital in intensive care. She says that her body swelled up so much she looked “like a monster.”

juana spain

Juana can only receive visitors inside her glass box if they follow a very strict procedure. They must shower with natural products only, and wear only organic cotton clothes. As a consequence she rarely has physical touch with anyone. Her two children only hug her twice a year.

“The worst thing about living like this is not the pain, it is the physical and psychological damage of not being able to go out and live a normal life with loved ones,” says Juana.

Her words were recorded by a Spanish newspaper. The microphone was passed to her inside several plastic bags to prevent her being contaminated.

Source:  Daily Mirror

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