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The man with a 13 inch tail

In the womb we have a tail but by the time we are born it has been absorbed by the body. But Chandre Oram, a tea-estate worker, in West Bengal was born with his and is now a man with a 13 inch tail.

bizarre people

Oram has refused any operation to remove his tail and because of it he is an object of devotion to many, who believe him to be an incarnation of Hanuman.

“I was born on Ram Navami (birthday of Lord Ram).” he says. “People have a lot of faith in me – they get cured of severe ailments when they touch my tail. I believe I can do a lot of good to those who come to me with devotion,”

Thousands of people queue up each day to seek blessings. In a corner of the courtyard of his home, Oram has set up a small Hanuman temple, where he receives offerings on Ram Navami, which he later offers to the deity.

Human embryos normally have a prenatal tail that measures about one-sixth of the size of the embryo itself. As the embryo develops into a fetus, the tail is absorbed by the growing body. The developmental tail is thus a human vestigial structure.

Having a human tail might have brought Oram thousands of devotes but it hasn’t helped him in one area – the desire to get married and become a father and have children.  “Almost 20 women have turned down marriage proposals. They see me and agree to a match. But as soon as I turn around, they see my tail and leave. But I have decided I will marry the woman who accepts me and my tail. Or else, I’ll remain a bachelor like Hanuman,” he said.

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