The Man with a Removable Nose

This man has no normal nose – its removable. And every night before he goes to bed he takes it off and sticks it the fridge with a magnet.

prosthetic nose2


Brit Bert Eastham had his original nose removed by surgery after getting cancer. So doctor fashioned him a new nose which is made from silicon and is fixed to his face with small magnets.

fake nose

The 64 year old man, from Chorley in the North of England, says the new prosthetic nose has changed his life.

‘I used to wear my nose to bed when I first got it, but one night it fell off and landed in one of my slippers, when I got up in the middle of the night, I stood on my own nose. I got the shock of my life.

‘It was only when I noticed the fridge magnets in our kitchen that I thought I would test out whether my new nose would stick to the side too.

‘Now if I’m cooking dinner, sometimes I’ll just stick my nose on the fridge next to the magnets because I don’t know when my nose is running and I wouldn’t want anything going into the food.

‘Or if I’m at a party with my friends, I’ll maybe stick it on the fridge just to lighten things up. I can’t wait for the next time we go on holiday and go through security because I’ll have to take my nose off – I bet they won’t have seen that before.’

 Cavendish Press - Manchester

Feb 16, 2013

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  1. yakh that was too scary i mean how someone could remove his own nose each night i am numb to read this post argh

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