The Painting that Ages in Front of Your Eyes

Spanish artist Sergi Cadenas portrait of a lady is one of the strangest and most mesmerising paintings The Freaky has ever seen. Viewed from one angle, “Ageing” shows a portrait of a young woman, but, as you move, the woman ages in front of your eyes. Eventually turning into a beautiful old lady. 

Cadenas, is one of the world’s leading optical art painters and all his work is concerned with duality and transforms in some way. In another of his paintings Marilyn Monroe turns into Albert Einstein. 

Candenas, who is self-taught, creates these freaky masterpieces, also known as kinetic art, by painting on vertical strips of canvas. He paints a different image on either side of the rigid strips, so depending on where the viewer stands a different image is revealed. 

In the case of the aging lady, viewing the painting for the left the image is of youth, but as you move to the left the image morphs into an elderly lady. 

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