The Preacher who was eaten by a Lion

It was Easter 1991 when Preacher Daniel’ Abodunrin’s visited the Zoological Gardens at the University of Ibadan. One of the largest zoos in Nigeria. Preacher Abodunrin dressed in flowing red robes and clutching a Holy Bible made his way to the lion’s enclosure. 

In Chapter 6 of the Bible there is a story of a Jewish man in Jerusalem named Daniel who is thrown into a lion’s den for disobeying the rule of the land that thou shall not pray. Daniel is expected to be eaten by the lions but the following morning it is discovered that he is still alive. Daniel explains that God sent an angel to close the jaws of the lions. 

The Preacher who was eaten by a Lion
A painting porting the Biblical story of Daniel in the Lions den

The Book of Daniel story is viewed as showing the power of prayer and belief in God. In 1991 the Nigerian preacher Abodunrin wanted to prove this story was true. Which is why on that fateful day he made his way to the lion section of the zoo.

Reports are confused as to what happened next. Some say he tried to enter the enclosure but was urged not to by zoo wardens, others say he sneaked past them without them noticing. Whatever the truth, one thing is certain he managed to find himself in the lion’s enclosure determined to prove that the God of today operates the same way as he did 2000 years ago. 

Visitors to the zoo looked on in terror as they realised a man had scaled the walls and was inside the lion’s den and seemed to preaching to the animals. Abodunrin, his faith unwavering, was reciting Bible verses to the lions in a loud voice. The lions stared back at him.  Then  sS he stepped closer to them, the lions backed away. Could it be that the power of God was protecting the preacher? Could it be that the horrified crowd were about to witness a modern day miracle? 


Suddenly the lions lunged forward charging at the preacher. The crowd screamed. Within seconds his body was savaged. His Holy Bible torn and shredded and covered in his own blood. 

The pastor’s savaged body was later retrieved from the den and the it was reported the lions were later destroyed by the zoo’s owners.

Most people saw the tragic event as proof that lions cannot be subdue by prayer but some believe that the reason the lions attacked the preacher was because they were possessed by the devil. 

The Preacher who was eaten by a Lion

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