The Woman In a Relationship with a Plane

German woman Michele Kobke claims she is in a 5 year relationship with a Boeing 737-800 and one day hopes to marry it.

It might sound too freaky to be true but this, like all the stories on The Freaky, is true.

Kobke, from Berlin, features in an episode of Extreme Love talking about her strange love affair. 

Kobke says she first developed romantic feelings for the plane in March 2014 when she flew on it. 

30 year old Kobke  says she fell in love with the plane and describes the Boeing 737-800 as “very attractive, sexy, beautifully built, and elegant.” 

“A relationship with a plane is not easy and at times difficult. I can only get close to him when I fly with him or when I can get to him in the hangar, which has only happened once in my life,” she says.

Finding it hard to spend quality time with her metallic love interest Kobke commissioned a fibreglass  model to be made of the plane which she sleeps with in her bed. 

german lady loves plane
Michele Kobke in bed with a fibreglass model of her lover.

 “It’s like a normal relationship,” she says. “We have relaxing evenings together and when we go to bed, we cuddle and fall asleep together”.

Last year Kobke got the chance to spend quality time with the object of her affection when she was allowed to visit the 40 tonne plane in its hangar. And was able to kiss him. 

“The time in the hangar was the most beautiful moment of my life and when I was with him, we enjoyed our time together, we kissed and I caressed him.”

In March of this year Kobke is planning to meet her plane again and get married.

“I want to have someone marry us and say, ‘do you want to marry your 737-800’ and I say, ‘yes’, we kiss and then I’m immortalised with him and we can be together forever.”

Michele Kobke

Michele Kobke’s bizarre love affair is down to her having mechanophilia – a strange medical condition where a person is sexually attracted to a mechanical object. 

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