The World’s Largest Artificial Breasts

Chelsea Charms has the worlds largest fake breasts. She calls her them Itsy and Bitsy 

Chelsea who hails from Minnesota, USA, has had breast augmentation three times. After her first surgery, performed when she was 20, she went to a DD. Then, enjoying the feeling, she had another operation, enhancing her boobs to HH, with the surgeon putting in 2000cc of saline solution in each breast. For her third operation, Chelsea had polypropylene string breast implants (a procedure that has since been banned). These implants irritate the natural breast tissue causing the breast to naturally grow. When they were first implanted, Chelsea’s bust size was 164XXX and each breast weighed 26 pounds. (the equivalent of two watermelons per boob). Since then they have naturally grown so they are now a staggering 40 pounds each. As they are growing slowly are skin is able to cope with her boob expansion. Although she sasy her nipples have moved from being front on, to the side.

Despite holding the unofficial record for the world’s largest artificial boobs Chelsea says she does not suffer from back pain as she performs special exercises to strengthen her back. 

Naturally Chelsea was a D cup. In her school years she was self conscious. It was only later she enjoyed the power over men large breasts wield. As a professional exotic dancer she knew expanding them would be her USP.

The World's Largest Artificial Breasts

Chelsea Charms who has had breast surgery but no other cosmetic surgery describes herself as a adult “breast entertainer” and has her own subscription website. 

Having the world’s largest artficial breasts does comes with its problems. 

“Airplane bathrooms are tough. They are very tight,” says Chelsea “Eating is also a problem because I have to sit so far from my food.”

You can watch Chelsea Charms in all her fauvism glory taking on the British chat show This Morning.

Chelsea Charms is a true freak in the very best sense of the word. 

Her uniqueness has been recognised by the British artist Marc Quinn who immortalised her as a lifesize marble statue . “With these absurdly huge breasts and a totally natural face, she is like a hallucination,” says Quinn. “It’s a different kind of beauty. It’s so classical, in a way – like a Venus of Willendorf come to life.”

The World's Largest Artificial Breasts
Chelsea Charms by Marc Quinn (2010)

2021 Update: 

Due to health problems, Chelsea Charms has decided to retire and reduce her boobs.

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