The world’s largest natural breasts

Meet Annie Hawkins-Turner, who has the biggest natural breasts in the world. Annie’s 102ZZZ breasts weigh a staggering 8 stone.

Annie, from Atlanta, Georgia, says her huge breasts came as a surprise because her mum’s breasts weren’t particularly big.

“I didn’t know I was different until I’d gone into the classroom and couldn’t sit at the desk. And when I went to gym class and couldn’t do two jumping jacks because of the flapping and the muscles on my back.”

Annie, who also goes under the pseudonym Norma Stitz, says she got her first bra when she was ten “I don’t know what size I was. I was just big. The only thing I remember about those bras is they were cotton and they stuck out just like footballs and that’s when I knew I was different.”
She says she was constantly teased about the size of her assets “Kids are some of the worst people in the world when it comes to picking on people.”

Her boobs continued to grow throughout her childhood and also through her university days.

“Life was difficult then.” she says. “Even if I had a relationship, which I did eventually get a boyfriend, I never would take off my clothes off in front of him.”

Norma did get married and she has two kids but she says the size of her breasts meant she couldn’t breastfeed them as she was scared she’d smother them. “There was no room to lay them. They grew bigger when I was pregnant and I leaked so much until I had to wear sanitary pads in my bra.”

After 13 years of marriage her husband Alan died in 2005.

“He turned my whole life around. He made me love myself and turned me into his Barbie doll. I was like a plus-sized Barbie doll to him. He treated me like a queen. He loved me and he loved my kids. He was my angel, it wasn’t just sexual.”

Annie now makes a living by appearing in adult movies under the pseudonym Norma Stitz.

huge boobs natural

“I know Alan would be so proud of me. I work for myself. Not only do I have the world record for the world’s largest boobs for the last 12 years but I also have an AVN award which is like an Oscar. I’ve done nothing wrong. I don’t have sex on film – I never have and never will.”

Annie has grown to love her assets and says she will never have them surgically reduced.

“I fell in love with myself. Every time I get a new doctor they offer me surgery but I don’t need surgery. I’ve got a strong back and have never had back ache. I’ve had therapy on how to hold myself so I won’t hurt myself.” she says.

“Sometimes it irritates me when people ask, ‘how do you walk?’ I’m not handicapped. I’ve just got very large boobs which I’ve learned to take and just do marvellous things with.”


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  1. I’d l-o-v-e to see her in an UPlift bra so they would stand out in front of her as she walked . I’d also love to be smothered between them . S-I-g-h .

  2. Them is some big boobs!

  3. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say superb blog! eabebakefefe

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