Tortoise Fashion

fashion tortoise

We all know about the craze for fashion cats and dressed up dogs, but have you ever seen tortoise fashion?

Slightly mad Canadian pet-lover Katie Bradley, 36, has knitted these woollen cosies for her fashion conscious pet tortoises.

Katie says the colourful costumes are very popular with tortoise owners across the globe and she can barely keep up wit demand from tortoise owners across the globe.

‘My first cosy started out as a fun little joke,’ says Katie. ’I came across a picture of a tortoise with a doily on its shell, and had a good laugh. I posted pictures on my tortoise blog and shared them on one of the tortoise forums, and very quickly, they became popular.I started getting requests to make them to sell, so I listed some in my tortoise-themed Etsy shop. They started selling as fast as I could make them, so I just kept making more.’

Lets hope she doesn’t put on a tortoise fashion show as it might take quite along time for the pets to walk down the fashion catwalk (or shoudl that be tortosie-walk?).

tortoise hat

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  1. I was wondering if you cou make my tortises sweaters and how much?

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