Trash Art

bizarre freaky art

Spanish artist Francisco de Pajaro makes art from trash. The street artist roams the streets at night looking for discarded rubbish to transform into amazing bizarre art creations by adding arms heads legs and feet to cardboard boxes and bins.

bizarre art

Barcelona born Francisco says of his art:

“My intention is to seek the smile on people. I never stay to watch their reaction, I usually leave. But in general I think, or I want to think, I make them smile.”

Franciso, now lives in London, and has to work quickly to make his freaky trash creations. Using tape, paper and paint he transforms the discarded into something wonderful.

“I am creating fun and beauty out of something society considers gross and disgusting. Garbage is hated, ignored, considered smelly and rotten. But for me it has become a place to create monsters, to make fun of politicians and the humourless.”



francisco de pajaro

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