Two headed animals

Two headed animals. Bizarre photos.

bird with two heads

After the birth of a two headed pig this month with two noses, two mouths but only one ear and one eye on each of its two heads, we thought we would round up some bizarre pictures of other two headed animals.

Having two heads is a medical condition known as polycephaly. It happens as a result of the failed separation of monozygotic twins.

bizarre animal photo

The most commonly observed two-headed animals are turtles and snakes. Each head of a polycephalic animal has its own brain, and they somehow share control of the organs and limbs, though the specific structure of the connections varies. Animals often move in a disoriented and dizzy fashion, with the brains “arguing” with each other; some animals simply zig zag without getting anywhere.

Snake heads may attack and even attempt to swallow each other. Thus, two-headed animals survive poorly in the wild compared to normal animals.

cat with two heads

tortoise two heads bizarre

We believe all this photos of two headed animals  to be real but please let us know if you think otherwise.

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  1. krystal smith says:

    Those are cute but it can’t be an easy life. Sad really

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