Two Headed Snakes


Two Headed Snakes

Two Headed Snakes


Animals born with more than one head have a condition called polycephaly (literally “many heads”) and polycephalic animals only come in two kinds; bicephalic (having two heads) or tricephalic (having three heads). Animals with more than three heads have not been found in the real world.

There are some photos of a five headed snake on the internet. But they are photoshopped fakes.

Two Headed SnakesTwo Headed Snakes

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  1. Just checking back into this lovely website, and I noticed that you have posted several freaky updates! Those two headed snakes are plain creepy! Snakes with one head are enough for me, as I’m very leery of those sneaky serpents. The images of those 5-headed snakes may be fakes, but they remind me of certain mythical creatures that are found in some tales of folklore, legends, and ancient myths and whatnot.

    Anyway, this multiple head stuff looks nearly as strange on humans. I found a web page on a weekly news site that provides additional pictures, here:

    Well, I’ve got my dose of freaky news for today; thanks for the interesting posts! 🙂

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