Two Penis Snake

snake penis

This isn’t a freak deformed snake, this is normal. Believe it or not, all snakes are blessed not with one penis, but with two! Although they only use one of them when having sex. And no they can’t have sex with two snakes at once.

Collectively, the scientific name for the two penises is hemipenes, individually each one is called a hemipenis.

Each penis or hemipenis is connected to a single testis. So, snake sperm produced in the right testis is ejaculated through the right hemipenis, and vice versa.

Two Penis Snake

Scientists have spent many hours looking into why they have two, but so far they have no answer. So it will have to remain one of nature’s bizarre mysteries.

And there is more snake freakiness, because female snakes can store the male sperm their acquire after mating for up to 5 years. This is so the they can start the baby snake making process when they feel conditions are at their best.

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