The USA is so Cold Sharks are Freezing to Death

Strange things that happen when the weather gets really cold. The record breaking cold snap that has hit the USA has led to sharks becoming frozen and dying form cardiac arrest.

Four thresher sharks killed by “cold shock” have been found by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy washed up on beaches in Cape Cod.

After finding one of the sharks the group posted on their Facebook the following message.

“We hauled the shark off the beach and it is currently thawing at NOAA Fisheries Service to be dissected later. A true sharkcicle!”

Sharks freezing to death is just one of many strange things that happen when the weather gets extremely cold…….

Windows Break Spontaneously

frozen snapped window

Waterfalls freeze over. Even Niagra Falls

frozen waterfall
Each second, Niagara Falls normally has over 600,000 gallons of water pouring over its edge but at minus 11 degrees much of Niagra’s flow has been frozen in its tracks.
frozen USA
Frozen Minnehaha Waterfall

Lighthouses Become Frozen

strange frozen photo
Lighthouse at St Joseph, Michigan

Strange Patterns Form on Lakes

strange frozen photo
These strange patterns at North Avenue Beach, Chicago, are known as pancake ice.

Steam From Sewer Grates Turns to Snow

strange photo snow

The Paint on Road Markings Shatters

weird frozen photo


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