Vegetable Star Wars

Vegetable Star Wars

May the  force food be with you!

These Star Wars replicas are sculpted from vegetables – everything from carrots to sweet potato.

The Vegetable Star Wars treats have been created by Japanese sushi chef Okitsugu Kado for diners at his sushi restaurant.

Kado spends more than ten hours carving the vegetables before painstakingly piecing them together with bamboo sticks.

Vegetable Star Wars

Vegetable Star Wars

June 2013

12 Replies to “Vegetable Star Wars”

  1. Vegetable star wars Funny, thanks for sharing

  2. What a fantastic way to give aesthetic and good appearance to a vegetable dish.

  3. Hahaha… those are cool man. Good crafting!

  4. intresting pics and very nicely arts on vegetables. I can’t imagine that how much the artist is excllence.
    star wars is looking awesome

  5. That is so awesome. Specially the Yoda in the last picture.

  6. Very good work..nice idea..i want make like that..thanks for sharing

  7. I could never eat these nicely crafted figures. But i would if it were star trek models hehe

    Star Wars ftw !

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