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In San Francisco, a Victorian house has been picked up and moved in one piece to a new site six blocks away.

The six-bedroom two-storey 5,170 square-foot Victorian house was loaded on to giant truck and slowly moved at a top speed of 1 mile an hour to its new location on Sunday 23 February. Trees had to be trimmed and signs had to be removed to facilitate its move, which included a tricky stretch down one of the city’s notorious hills. 

The house originally stood at 807 Franklin. Now, after 137 years, it has a new address: 635 Fulton. 

The whole freaky move was livestreamed by the San Francisco Historical Society

Whole Victorian House in San Francisco Picked up and Moved 6 Blocks

The move was necessary to preserve the building and allow a new 48-unit apartment building to be built in its original place. 

The house which was built in 1882 had been rundown for a number of years before it was bought by a San Francisco broker called Tim Brown, for $2.6 million in 2013.

Brown had to pay approximately $400,000 to facilitate the move. Which also required permits from 15 different agencies of the city. 

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